Mr Tukah Paul went through a hellish situation in the hands of his wife when his business collapsed and the lady had to take charge of almost all family bills. It should be noted that Paul lost his job due to the influence of the spouse who wanted him to drop a juicy and well paid job just to be present at home when the lady needed him. He then got involved into business. Before long, it crumbled. The wife became the nagging and uncompromising type. When Mr. Tukah was bracing to get a different wife because he had been abandoned by the wife, a spirit led him to the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry during a Friday Prophetic Service. The Holy Spirit led Apostle John Chi towards him, in two occasions. Mr Tukah was asked not to divorce his wife. After praying for them, their lives changed. Today, Mrs. Tukah Happiness is a very good and submissive wife as the Bible would want it. To God be the glory!!!


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    저는 한국 사람 입니다.
    올해 2021년 7년째 사랑하는 아내와
    원치 않는 별거중입니다.
    저희 가족인
    아내와 아들,딸의 영혼구원과
    부부관계 회복을 위해 기도를 부탁드립니다.
    하나님의 사도 존치목사님 감사합니다.

    Good morning?

    I’m Korean.
    This year 2021, with my beloved wife for 7 years
    You are in an unwanted separation.
    our family
    The salvation of souls of wives, sons and daughters,
    Please pray for the restoration of the marital relationship.
    Thank you Pastor Johnchi, Apostle of God.

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    Francis. Kimba says:

    This story is very interesting. I do experience similar problem.

    How can l get a prayer for the restoration of my marriage?

    Also, how can l receive the anointing water?

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    James Mansaray says:

    I thank you prayers partner, I know God is in control now. My testimony is going to happen. In the name of Jesus, in the blood of Jesus. Amen, amen.

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    Christine says:

    Awesome and wonderful God is indeed good

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