Ms. Laishu Marceline was bed-ridden and had a terrible stench because her entire body was rotten due to soars that had eaten her up. Medical sources, at the start, could not determine her problem until a specialist medic diagnosed skin cancer. FCFA800,000frs was needed for a chemotherapy. Unable to raise the money, she resorted to a witch-doctor who gave her some concoctions and asked for three chickens. Her case became worse. He then confessed that one of the chickens died before reaching his shrine. This meant Marceline was going to die within 3 days. Her family took fright and raised the some of FCFA800,000. For six months, her situation did not improve. She then knew that she would soon die because she had lost all her hair, her toes and was getting rotten as the days went by. One day, while in bed, a man appeared to her and said he had come to heal her. After that pronouncement, she regained some strength and was able to come out of bed after many months. A Muslim friend of hers who had received his healing by simply touching the screen of his television set while Apostle John Chi was prayer for viewers advised her to meet the man of God in person. She came to the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry and was prayed for. Back home, all the soars on her body quickly dried up. The stench disappeared and she became very strong. When neighbours were told how she got healed, the news spread like wild fire. Marceline is here thanking God for using a man to heal her from what seemed to be incurable to man.


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    Ntangchi Emmelien says:

    Please man help man I want to connect to zoom program

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    Ntangchi Emmelien says:

    Please make of God help me I want to connect to zoom program

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    Terry says:

    Glory to God. Be Bless in Jesus name , the devil is defeated and all the Glory belongs to God.

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    https://thuocladientu123.com says:

    Best view i have ever seen !

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    Khunjulwa Madikane says:

    My son is 16 years old ,he is smoking dagga and cigarettes,he drinks alcohol,he doesnt want to read.his books ,please help me Man of God

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    Ayak Majak says:

    I thank God for everything he done for us only God can heal us, diliver us and bless us through man of God apostle John Chi God bless you and strength you more and more and give you a long life in Jesus name 🙏 .

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    justino abeso angue says:

    Buenas tardes hombre de Dios necesito ayuda fui dianostigado del VIH sida

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    Andrew says:

    Glory be to God

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    Jim menfen kang says:

    I wish to visit the ministry my health is not the best

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    Nguidjol David Martial says:

    Greetings, please how can I meet the man of God for prayers for my wife for God’s intervention for breast cancer.

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    Good morning please am Adelyine from Ghana i need the anointing water by Apostle john chi. The anointing water can be posted through post office 🙏🙏

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    Martha Kinyanjui says:

    Greetings in Jesus Name….
    I am in desperate need of prophetic ministration in my life. Something is not right …generational or foundational…. If God doesn’t help me I will die and go to heaven having not experienced divine intervention in my life….please help me…

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