Sister CHEMBS BETTY was booked for operation due to overdue pregnancy. She was normally supposed to give birth three weeks ago. Medics asked her to come so that she can be induced. When the man of God Apostle John Chi was giving his word of the day, Betty began feeling contractions and was about to go home when she was asked to go through the POWER ROOM. Therein, labour pains began and in less that five minutes, she gave birth at the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry’s infirmary. She is here thanking the Almighty God for using His servant Senior Apostle John Chi for her miracle.



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    Acha Anjingwa says:

    Please i will like to attain the prayer session of 29 December till 5 january So will like to know What to do .thanks

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    Festus chukwunyere Ogueri says:

    I made some donation but I didn’t fill any form

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    Festus chukwunyere Ogueri says:

    I made some donation but I didn’t fill any form through mtn mobile money

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    Leonard Mubenge says:

    We serve the Almighty King of Glory and with him nothing is impossible.

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    Justina says:

    I celebrate God’s grace who made this miracle possible

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    Nadege Francois says:

    Good morning Jesus ,Alleluia thank you lord to give us Apostle JohnChi we praise you lord ,you are glory. Alleluia. thank you lord to pass through Apostle JohnChi to send us free alleluia praise the lord. l love you God and the church praise the lord, alleluia.

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    Chila Sylvia kiyeh says:

    Good morning man of God. I am a cameroonian living in Dubai. Please sir, I need delivrance for because l lost my job 7months ago and haven’t been able to get another one till date, things are really difficult on me. Please I also need delivrance for 9years of barreness, no fruit of the womb

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    Hubert says:

    I connect to this testimony to be the next to testify for brother Clovis who is sick, Amen,
    Thank you Jesus, I received his complete deliverance and healing.

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    Arliston says:

    Shalom Pastor. Please Pray for me. I am Sicknes now. I bellieve in The name Of Jesus. I am Healed. So helpme in your Prayer pastor. Thanks before. Gbu

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    KEeMSwHWYXxImhJ says:


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    blQWDCicNFpzU says:


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    apNlfHyIto says:


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    Philip says:

    Divine power of God

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    Jerome Assine says:

    I am a pastor and I use to d’eau people éating in my Dreams Boeing with a Lady in my Dreams.
    pray for délirerance and ministry

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    Leeroy sibanda says:

    How are you wanted to ask what do i do if i want to regester for me to come there am in South Africa my number is 0027630161619

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    Nike says:

    God is good

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    Steve Hortense says:

    Hi I need prayer please help me I arthritus pain over my body please help prayer for me

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    CxQEgRJVM says:


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    Malen Michael phiri says:

    We thank God for aposte John chi for the wonderful work of God.

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    Malen Michael phiri says:

    Pls Apostle John chi also pray for me to be debt free, I need total restoration and breakthrough.

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    Favour Chilongo says:

    Please man of God help me I need deliverance. Please my phone is miss behavioring am Favour

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    Need prayers for healing and family breakthrough

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    Hellen Chirwa says:

    This is edifying.. Man of God am a widow with three boys am in debts please pray for me things are not ok

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