Oil of victory

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148 reviews for Oil of victory


    Good evening pls l would want to order for the Oil Of Victory . kindly good me on what to do .
    Many thanks




  2. Ella Ahar

    I want the oil of victory


    Oil of victory

  4. Tyrell Pechey

    Glory to God, I would like to experience the power of God an his victor
    To be healed
    Delivered an saved in Jesus name


    Good evening pls l would want to order for the Oil Of Victory . kindly guide me on what to do .
    Many thanks






  7. Panda

    Hello it’s urgent please it’s already been a week that I suffer terribly I have pains in my head on my left side I can not sleep it’s been a week I really want God but delivered from the
    May God but forgive all my sins my name is Ergeu (ergi)Stefanio panda I need you to send me the morning water please I am a partner in the ministry I live in France my address 18 Rue Quincampoix 78580 Maule

  8. Maribeth Bag-ayan

    May the Lord Jesus Christ Locate me wherever I am today .. in Jesus Christ name I pray.. Amen

  9. Lothiar Chinoko Vaxon Ngulube

    I am in Malawi, my question is how can I access the spiritual items; (1) Oil of Victory and (2) Living water. Help me .

  10. osa

    pls how doi get d spiritual maerials

  11. Elelwani Shallot

    Great works of God

  12. Jurgen

    Good day im from south africa durban i would love to get this spiritual item, how could i get it?

  13. Prophet sikhala

    I want to anointed my church

  14. Ishibwami Mamboleo

    I am not reviewing but asking how I can get anointed water and oil.I am a minister of gospel living in USA.

  15. Tyoja Simeon

    To bring breakthrough in my life and ministry

  16. Erlande Cadot

    Good Morning, My name is Erlande Cadot. I am a Bahamian Citizen living in The Bahamas. I have been following this ministry and God has been delivering my husband and I through the apostle JohnCHi. Please let us know how we can get a bottle of oil from the ministry.

  17. Panda

    I am a partner in the ministry of Cameron Apostle John chi

  18. Chimwemwe Masakasa

    Please man of God I would like to receive this oil. I am from Malawi in Blantyre. I believe the spirit of God will help me to receive it in Jesus name. Amen

  19. Rachel Varney

    This oil through the Blood of Jesus has healed me

  20. Ayina Clovis Ambe

    Good day sir. I am in Dubai. I really need the this oil sir. I believe is a conduit to deliver us from all manner of diseases.


    I would like to buy oil of victory

  22. Ezemah Nnamdi Daniel

    I want to get the anointing oil

  23. Lethabo Mapulane

    I believe that this oil is a guarantee for my deliverance

  24. Maxinot Xavier

    How can I receive the anointing oil and the anointing water please

  25. Kenfack jules collins

    Citizens of Heaven we know ourselves.
    I would like to send my brother to collect the Living Water and the Oil of Victory, for my Son.
    Thank You and God bless you.

  26. Elizabeth

    Greetings in Jesus name

    How do I get hold of Spiritual Materials

  27. honey lynn villanueva

    How can i buy this product?

  28. Franquelin Akepe Enang

    Oil of victory

  29. Patrick Solomon Baimba

    I need the Oil

  30. Flavia Terry

    Looking for oil of victory and annointing oil.

  31. Joseph Makhetha

    Good morning Apostle… I am Pastor Joseph Makhetha in Bloemfontein Free State province in South Africa… Sir please how can i have your spiritual items for family and ministry please Sir

  32. Johnson Bernard

    I want to receive it

  33. Ntoloke Lyndette


  34. Flavia Terry

    Good is good.Amen.

  35. Flavia Terry


  36. Ahmadou Nyano

    I had met the servant of God Apostle John Chi who blessed me with the oil of victory.
    It is because I owned a vehicle which was absolutely difficult for me to sell…
    After having received the oil of victory from the hands of the servant of God as soon I left his office
    I applied an infinte drop of this oil of victoryon the photo of this vehicle from my phone.
    This is how the next morning at 9am a customer called me to buy it along with severals others.
    For 8 months without anyone asking me.
    I highly recommende the oil of victory to you not onlyfor the blessing but also for your salvation healing deliverance and goodness of God.
    I have been blessed !!!


    please as a partner i need the spiritual items. Thanks man of GOD

  38. Ray Elijah

    Please Wiseman I need anointing oil and living water anoint my family…Shalom

  39. Ray Elijah

    Thanks Shalom

  40. Flavia Wakenga

    How can one order oil of victory and living water.It’s highly hard to order. Have tried doing the order of spiritual items but it’s not working out.May you please give us steps on how to order the spiritual items. Thank you.

  41. Terry Nana Danso

    Please how can I get living water and victory oil Please

  42. Nicole Burke

    Please send me oil of victory.
    How much does it cost .

  43. Elga angoua

    IAM in USA where yo get that please

  44. Jack

    Dear sir
    I want the oil am staying in south Africa

  45. Martin Gatura Gathu

    I need victory oil am in Nairobi Kenya…±254718365639

  46. Ernest Chukucha

    Citizens of heaven, we know who we are.
    How do I purchase the spiritual items online. I live in South Africa.

  47. Roland Achu

    How much is oil of victory

  48. Terry Naipu

    I am filled with great joy to watch on Utube and read your history on how mighty God is using you now.
    I am from Papua New Guinea, a Christian country in the south Pacific, Noth of Australia.
    I would like to say that you are God’s sent. God is mightly using you there and I see great things will happen over the nations through you.

  49. Wazir Masih

    Praise the God, when I saw man of God, how God use him mighty way for his glory..I thanks lot of my God.

  50. Wazir Masih

    Pray for me and my ministry and for my health always I am struggling with my health.i have sugar problems.

  51. OBAH OBAH Johnny

    What is the requirements to get the Living Water or the Oil of Victory ?

  52. Funyanwa Enock

    How do i get annointing materials please,water & oil,,I live in the UK,Am desperate i need help ,my marruage is a mess,my children cant get jobs,am struggling with bad dreams. I would appreciate your help..I tried calling the number on your website but no answer

  53. maouche ahmed

    for my family

  54. Zanele Mfeka

    I cant wait to have it

  55. Rapelang

    all is well. and i need oil victory for all my breakthrough.

  56. Stephen Ntoagae

    No reviews yet

  57. Stephen Ntoagae

    Spinal stenosis

  58. bogmis larissa

    Thé power of God in it

  59. Carlos hervert posso moreno

    Hola buenos días hombre de Dios Jhon chi saludo desde cali colombia. No sé cómo hacer para consignar el dinero desde colombia, para obtener el agua viva, el aceite de la victoria y los demás artículos espírituales como las manillas de fe entre otros. Gracias por la información espero que me ayuden cómo hacer todo el proceso. Dios los bendiga 🙏


    I am a Pastor and need your oil of Victory to bé used in my ministry.

  61. Ishibwami Job Mamboleo

    God is working through these items.

  62. Akon Dang

    I would like to have the oil of victory and the living water, how do I place the order, God bless you all

  63. Ps Julie Jennifer

    I bless the Lord for he grace he grant me for having use the Anointing oil

  64. joshuaabraham

    I need that oil where can I get if am from Tanzania

  65. Kennedy Sinkamba

    How can I get the oil of victory and morning water?

  66. Kennedy Sinkamba

    How can I become a partner in the AGCM

  67. Emeldah sadiki

    Peace and prosperity

  68. Kenneth Saylor

    Would like to have the oil of victory, please help.

  69. Yonas

    I am sorry that the man of God went away, but the Lord is good

  70. Kenneth Saylor

    Would love to have the Oil of Victory! Your page is broken per PayPal. Please respond!

  71. Emmanuel Paul

    I need oil of victory

  72. Waboraro Brie Mhaladi

    How do I acquire this product

  73. grisel

    Buen día iglesia, me podrían enviar los artículos curativos del profeta John chi a argentina ? cual seria su coste de envío ? necesito liberación yo , mi esposo.. queremos ser libres para servir a Dios.. le saluda en el amor del Señor Jesús.. Grisel

  74. Chinedu Nwobi

    With God all things are possible

  75. Paul

    Greetings Apostle
    I am in need of the anointing water resident of RSA I want to visit AGCOM for training purposes

  76. Marie

    I would to know when you will be in USA


    How do i get this oil of victory

  78. Nontobeko Hlengwa

    Wonderful Ministry, Very Good

  79. Mbuki Allen Jon

    How can I get the water? I am in Tanzania.

  80. Eva Jaya

    How yo get the oil of Victory

  81. prophet gift baloyi

    my name is prophet baloyi in republic of south africa
    i have been following , i have seen the anointing oil doing wonders
    i believe in you man of God
    i want to be like you one day
    i have seen the love in your heart
    i have seen jesus in you
    to god be the glory

  82. prophet gift baloyi

    my name is prophet baloyi in republic of south africa
    i have been following , i have seen the anointing oil doing wonders
    i believe in you man of God
    i want to be like you one day
    i have seen the love in your heart
    i have seen jesus in you
    to god be the glory

  83. Maurine Lindo

    It’s probably if i can by one of the Olive oil places?

  84. Daniel Rajan

    Dear Prophet,
    I dont know much about the oil, but this i know. The anointed oil was used in the old testament and New. Therefore this oil will also be as anointed as in biblical times.

  85. Freeman massawe

    Hi Emanuel!! Am Tanzanian am blessed with this ministry may almighty God blessed you abundantly I would like to ask anointing oil..

  86. Jeremy Metcalf

    Hi, yes please I want to purchase this oil and a water to aid me in my deliverance from demons and forces of darkness. How may I add it to my cart?

  87. Mildred Sancho

    Haldertstraat 321 Tielt-Winge 3390 Houwaart België

  88. Patience

    Hi my name is Patience from South Africa. How do I get the oil of victory

  89. Akbar Masih

    Your ministry is blessed by God

  90. Anu saphire

    Oil of victory

  91. Anu saphire

    Oil of victory

  92. Habila Akpo saman

    Habila Akpo saman

  93. gift baloyi

    i have been following you sir
    and connecting from south africa
    i have seen lot happening through you as God commissioned messanger
    surely your God servant

  94. Freeman massawe

    Hi am blessed with this ministry so much..

  95. Nsikak Josiah


  96. Ngorpia wake Alain Victor

    Bonjour comment puis-je faire pour avoir les articles du magasin en cote d’ivoire

  97. Ngorpia wake Alain Victor

    Please help me man of god

  98. Isaac Mosutha

    God is faithful

  99. Kenneth Saylor

    I want to purchase oil.

  100. Rabson Mvula

    Apostle i personally appreciate the Grace of God upon your life and ministry.Your ministry has personally impacted my life . It will be humbling moment to personally meet you .

  101. Yosief kifleyesus

    Great service God bless you

  102. jacob john samwel

    i love you man of god , am with you in the work of jesus christ

  103. Trezó Firmino Candolo

    Grace and peace.
    I live in Angola. How can I get this oil of victory.
    Please man of God help me.

  104. Clement Bwalya

    I believe in everything that happens in Apostle John Chi’s ministry. all is about Jesus and it’s done in His name. Act 4:12 it’s in His name one can find real life. Good morning I pray one day I will meet him for my deliverance and spiritual uplift around my marriage and life also ministry.

  105. Clement Bwalya

    How can I have that oil of victory and Brest let? Church P. Box 21242 Tabernacle of solutions ministries international Kitwe copper belt province.Zambia

  106. Ketly casseus

    I would like to buy oil and the water

  107. Ketly casseus

    I’m trying to get the oils I’m in New Jersey America

  108. Birgit Trenner

    Have mercy on us, LORD.
    Thank you for your GRACE and all you have done for us.
    How can I have the Living Water and Oil of Victory?
    Greetings from Germany to all, be blessed.

  109. Cristina Moreira da Silva Barbosa

    Gostaria de adquirir o Óleo da Vitória e a Água da Vida. Como eu faço?

  110. Ronny

    How can I get the oil of victory

  111. Apostol Ginnethon

    I want your MINISTRY Apostol to be even in ZAMBIA ,please Apostol sir, we your MINISTRY here in ZAMBIA.

  112. Kefilwe Kgosidialwa


  113. Moetu Hoeta

    Lord Jesus yr mercy is all I need right now and I ask for healing and deliverance & strength & protection over me and my family’s lives. Dear man of God may I please be considered to recieve the oil of victory and the living water please thanku with all my heart and soul godbless you all the days of your life in jesus christ name Amen. 🙏
    From New Zealand 🇳🇿❤

  114. Eunice Dony

    Am in Switzerland 🇨🇭 how can I get anointing oil and water? Please

  115. Sathish KumarT

    Am Sathish from India, please I want the ANNOINTED Oil. I am 28 years old my problem was affected in witchcraft. So please

  116. Kagoya Anita Dinah

    A blessed morning man of God, how can I get oil of victory, living water and bracelet or pins from kampala Uganda, I’m in need of them please advise

  117. Eveline Wilma Hoabes

    Good Day Man of God I am form Namibia I really need the Oil of Victory Living water please advice how can I get it .
    Kind Regards

  118. Sarah Ledwaba

    Good Day My name is Sarah from South Africa i would love to have the anointed oil, how do i get one ?

  119. Evans Miti

    Good morning how are you man of God. My name’s are Evans Miti from Lusaka Zambia. How order the oil of victory. My WhatsApp number is +260976338220

  120. Asamoah Michael

    Please am Michael Asamoah am from Ghana living in South Africa i use to watch apostle John chi am currently sick i need prayer for my life and my business and i need oil of victory and bread of life

  121. Josphat

    Please how can I order the oil of victory?
    Am Josphat from Zambia
    My contact +260966093252

  122. Maico fernando Raiva

    Citizens of heavens, please Apostle John Chi. I would like to have the oil, please man of God.

  123. Maico Fernando Raiva

    Good evening man of God. I would like to have the oil of victory.

  124. Maico Fernando Raiva

    Thank you man of the living God

  125. frank staten

    I would like the oil of victory. How do I obtain it?

  126. Nkhoma Tasila

    How can I get the annointing water/oil

  127. Ashleigh-Anne Kaluba

    We are blessed to have these anointed mantles. The power of God is present, Praise the LORD!!!

  128. Imelda Kitano

    Good morning AGCOM, I am pleading to know how to avail Living water and Oil and others for my deliverance and My family’s different illnesses and spiritual problems. I appreciate if you could tell me because I am in South Korea and I need those too. Thank you so much and more power.

  129. Lucas Kamununu

    I need the spiritual items to reach deliver myself and others(siblings) in Jesus name. How do I get them.

  130. ania

    Amo este ministerio glorioso y espero mi Señor Jesús haga prospera su palabra en nuestros corazones.

  131. Mlasi M’mbibya

    My name is Mlasi I want to get your information and also getting oil victory

  132. Tenboy Moyowakafa

    You are a product of a true man of God

  133. Margarete

    Good morning Man of God,

    My name is Maggie. I am from RSA. How do I get the oil of victory and living water for deliverance, breakthroughs and healing & restoration?

  134. Razel Adala Valdez

    Good day Apostle John Chi. Please I need the Oil of Victory and Living Water for me and my family especially for my elder brother who have mental disorder. Please let me know how to have this spiritual items. Thank you so much and God bless.

  135. Sapphira

    Praise the Lord,man of God, I extermly need for power of God and blessing for me and my family.kindly I want living water and victory oil for diliverance and blessing in Jesus name amen

  136. Baptiste benjamin

    Spiritual ATTACK spiritual wife and spiritual husband

  137. Abraham jestus

    I want the oil of victory for breakthrough
    And power of God in Jesus name

  138. Abraham jestus

    I get a dream of calling but i have not God father please pray for me, man of God, i believe by your anointing i get to my call, thank you Jesus, thank you dady apostle johnchi, am whaching you life from nijarian kaduna State, may God Almighty continue to bless you in Jesus Christ name Amen and Amen.

  139. Abraham jestus

    Mam of God i thank you for the faith i get through you apostle johnchi, i believe my testimony will come before you in Jesus Christ name Amen.

  140. Paul chinyoka

    how can i have the living water and oil of victory

  141. Floyd Bood

    Hi Apostle John Chi! My name is Pastor Floyd Bood and I am in full time ministry in Belize, Central America. I have been following your ministry for almost one year and is tremendously blessed by how much grace the Lord has outpoured on your life and ministry. I so long to connect with your ministry in order to receive an impartation of this amazing anointing. Can you find it in your heart to kindly bless my ministry with a couple bottles of both the Living Water and Oil of Victory please. I am so convince these point of contact will be a tremendous blessing to my ministry. Thanking you in advance.

  142. Elysee Gay

    Bonjour prophet homme de Dieu mon nom est elysee gay Jai demande aide de priere je suis malade avec du diabetes hypertention insufisance renal en hemodiályse hepatitis crónica trombosis vena cava carvermatosis anemia jaimerais bien avoir mon huille onction


    I believed in Jesus Christ our saviour, our deliverance and died on the cross of Calvary because of my sins. Man of God, the Apostle John Chi, Please pray for my as I have frequent attacks, afflictions, challenges and sickness beyond my capacity but God has been seeing me through. I am getting weak and weary of all this problems. Please how can I get the Living water and the Anointing oil send to me. God will continue using you to deliver me and others in Jesus name Amen.

  144. Amos Adamu

    Pls and pls man of God I seriously believed in what God will do through you,my name is Amos Adamu my life is full of challenge pls help me I seriously need this oil pls for God sake tank u sir

  145. Amos Adamu

    Pls God servant pls here is my phone number(hidden for security purposes) pls God face I seek pls

  146. Racheal

    Good evening daddy I would like to order for the oil of victory and living water. Am very sick and need Good healing upon my life and for God to bless me with the fruit of the womb

  147. Maryane Steyn

    Greetings man of God, I want order the oil of victory please. Pray for me and my family. Stagnation, delay and blocked finances. Thank you 🙋🏽‍♀️ 🙌🏻 🙋🏽‍♀️

  148. Maryane Steyn

    Thank You Lord for everything 🙋🏽‍♀️ 🙌🏻

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