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“You have a spiritual husband who comes to you very often. That gives you anger and that equally causes you to speak out of character”
The above words were from Senior Apostle John Chi to Ms. Doctta Irene during a prophetic moment at the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry. The latter confirmed and is adding that each time the giant man came to her, she would not hesitate to speak out of character at the slightest provocation. Each time someone asked her hand in marriage, the giant man would appear and before long, the suitor would cancel the marriage engagement. Tired of her situation, she decided to seek divine intervention. Before coming to the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry, a voice told her not to attend the service. Another one kept urging her to come to church. She came and was located and then delivered in the power of the Holy Spirit. Today, anger is no longer part of her character and she looks forward to serving God all the days of her life.


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