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After vindicated her ANKLE ALMOST AMPUTATED Apostle John Chi blesses her with the sum of 200 000frs (two hundred thousand francs CFA) and six bags of rice. APOSTLE JOHN CHI DECLARES THAT THIS WOMAN IS NOT A WITCH A SPIRIT HUSBAND WAS THE CAUSE as they thought A touch from the man of God Apostle John Chi Avant que Mme Lola Mabel ne devienne une bonne fille digne d'être imitée après avoir utilisé de l'EAU VIVE reçue des mains de l'homme de Dieu Before Ms. Lola Mabel changed to a good girl worthy to be emulated after using LIVING WATER received from the hands of the man of God... CONTINUOUS BLEEDING ENDED deliverance DELIVERED FROM "KAYAMATA" SPIRIT DESTRUCTION DE L’ESPRIT DE CONVOITISE ET D'OBSTINATION DIABETES HEALED DIFFICULTY IN WALKING HEALED distance is not a barrier During her deliverance that followed healing HE BECAME A THIEF HE WAS SACRIFICED TO IDOLS his parents sacrificed him to an idol which in the power of the Holy Spirit was enough for Mrs Monica Ngwinenjong to be healed of diabetes. LA PAIX ET L'AMOUR SONT DES VERTUS DONT NOUS AVONS TOUS BESOIN LEG ULCER HEALED THROUGH LIVING WATER lungs cancer LUST AND ANGER DESTROYED Mr. Fon's PROPHECY CONFIRMATION Mr. FON ELVIS kept cheating on his wife until he attended a Prophetic Service at the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Mr Chu Edwin’s life took a dangerous downward turn from the day an old spirit woman made love to him in his dreamland. On entering secondary school Praise Princess transformed into different animals but was finally captured by the Holy Spirit. prostate cancer Remember there is no perfect relationship. Sin Soul SPIRIT OF LIMITATION STOPPED SPIRIT OF LUST AND STUBBORNNESS DISMISSED SPIRITUAL HUSBAND Telles étaient les paroles de l'Apôtre John Chi pendant le processus de réconciliation du pasteur Francis Ebonta de Douala avec son épouse. THANK YOU JESUS IS A RESPONSE FROM A HAPPY HEART the man of God was to take care of him while he was away. You can’t preach peace and love to others when you don’t have peace in your home. zoom deliverance