Proof text: Mark 5:25-29


People of God, the case of the woman with the issue of blood is a typical example of someone who has active faith. There are two types of faith: Active faith and Passive faith. Active faith believes that it is not all up to God, man has a role to play as well. Whereas passive faith believes that it is all up to God and man has no role to play. Like many of us today, we believe that it is all up to God and we don’t bother to find out what God says concerning our situation. God is busy telling you, “This is not the time to sit on the fence; it is time to act faith.” But you are there busy praying, “God, do it for me, heal me, deliver me, bless me!” And God is telling you again, “Why should you continue to pray? I have heard you! Now, act faith!” In Mark 11:23, Jesus did not say “pray” if you encounter a mountain that it might be removed! He rather said “have faith in God and then tell the mountain aloud to be removed.”
To appropriate faith, simply believe God’s Word that He will do exactly as He promised. Be fully persuaded by the Word of God alone, not what you hear, what you see, or what your situation looks like.
Apostle John Chi.


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    Amuchie Chinaza Maryanna says:

    Daddy pls pray for me,i need God’s blessings in my life and family cos nothing is moving in my family at all.Someone i have been waiting for almost 3years now broke up with me for no reason,my whole world is just crumbling.

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