Evangelist MARCELUS of the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Preaching: LOOK BEYOND YOUR SITUATION

Proof text: Job 2:7-10
Dear people of God, many people have changed the history of their lives because of their inability to look beyond their immediate situation. That sickness you had in the past that led you to the witch doctor was not unto death but for the glory of God. It was surely to preserve you for a new level in life but because of fear of death, you ran to the witch doctor. Those who bless God in times of trouble prove to be God’s sons. In the face of serious tension and pressure for Job to deny God, the bible says he said: “Lord, blessed is thy name; no matter what comes, Lord blessed be they name; in hard times Lord, blessed is thy name; in good times Lord, blessed be thy name” When you find yourself in difficulties, tarry a while; look around and you will discover the purpose of God in your situation because in every situation, God is saying something.

Evangelist MARCELUS of the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Preaching

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