Evangelist RENE of the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Preaching: BE AN AGENT OF CHANGE

Proof text: Luke 6:27-36
People of God, we are made to understand that Christian life is a disciplined life because it is based on God’s word. The Bible says God’s word, which lives in us, gives us an excellent moral standard to reshape and redirect our lives in a positive way. If the world in which you are a part must change to a better place where there is no envy, no jealousy, no hatred, no killing, no backbiting, not gossiping, then Christians like you and I are expected to show that Christ lives in us by the way we live. Therefore, as a Christian, let your character also preach the gospel and not only your lips because, by our character, we stand to be accepted or rejected. If we claim to be Christians, all our concerns, aspirations, and heart desires should be subjected to the gospel of change.
Evangelist RENE of the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Preaching

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