Proof text: Matthew 16:13-17
Dear people of the Lord Most High, what you know about God is definitely what you will stand upon, as a bedrock, when trials, tribulations and challenges come your way. Remember the Gospel of Christ is not for the learned neither is it for the unlearned. It is not for the wise or for those who use persuasive and enticing words. It is a mystery that is only revealed to those who seek God in spirit and in truth. Today, many people claim to know God; they move around requesting and sometimes taking positions and authority, commanding respect equally on how they are serving God. Also, many today turn to seek God not because they want to know Him or seek His face but simply because of their petitions, their needs and their wants. When the slightest challenge comes their way, you will hear them change their confession saying: “God where are you; are you truly alive?” This shouldn’t be the case of one who genuinely knows God and who has had an encounter with Him for the God on the mountain is still the same in the valley; He is the God in good times and the same God in hard times. Always know that God is in His Word and the evidence of Jesus Christ is life change.

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