Shepherd GLADSTAIN of the Ark of God’s Covenant Ministry Preaching…. Message title: TURN YOUR WEAKNESS INTO STRENGTH

Proof text: 2 Corinthians 12 :8-10
People of God, whether the world laughs or frowns at you, it remains an enemy. When God created man, what mattered to Him was not man’s physical or mental disposition but one who would be a stakeholder in His master plan. God created everyone for a purpose and a specific assignment. No one is without weaknesses. Great Bible characters were willing to surrender their weaknesses to God. They discovered that God’s purpose was bigger than their weaknesses. God does not look at our physical appearance but at the spiritual component of man. The Almighty has something specific for you. So turn your weakness into strength.


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    Evangelist vera king Akpan says:

    More Grace sir

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    Theresa Njeri says:

    I need prayers man of God all the areas of my life ,families, finances debt, career failure ministry failure finances failure .thank you

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    Paul Mbaya Kalala says:

    Glory be to God n God blessed u man of God with this powerful message …
    My prayers always is to be like what God like but it’s another problem you need help from someone who’s more than you that why apostle please help me am also calling by God’s financial is problem for me … please l Berg you

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    Adebayo Olayinka says:

    Please I need you Apostle John Chi my Father is having stroke

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